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Bullet Journal Trackers And Logs To Keep You Motivated!

Bullet Journal trackers and logs to Keep you motivated!

This year I’m slaying fitness goals by using bullet journal trackers!

Every year I vow to not make too many fitness resolutions….. and every year I end up making at least a few new year fitness and health goals. I have an entire list of goals I should be tracking.

Best bullet journal printable trackers

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For example, losing weight, drinking more water, and exercise are always on my list.

The problem is I rarely stick with these goals.

Before I never wrote my goals down and I certainly never really tracked them.

The result of not writing down my goals, coming up with a plan, and tracking my progress is I basically set myself up for failure.

S.M.A.R.T GOALS were not in my plan.

Not this year!

This year I’m setting goals, making a plan, and tracking it all in my BULLET JOURNAL!

I found so many creative bujo spreads and trackers, I couldn’t help but share! The Best part? Most of these bullet journal trackers are FREE or simple enough to draw at home!

Fitness Trackers and logs

Check out these fitness logs and trackers to keep you on motivated all year!

1. A simple calendar layout

Simple layouts are awesome for your journal or planner. You can use the same spread to track multiple habits For example, water intake and exercise routine.

A calendar layout can also give you a quick overview of your progress for the month. This type of layout can also help you pick up on trends to help you plan better. For example, healthy snacks or extra water when running errands. You can get a cheerful, simple calendar freebie over at Iheartplanners!

Workout tracker bullet journal
@ifers_inklings via Instagram

Another way to track your fitness habits with a simple calendar layout is to create a mini calendar for each habit.

For an excellent example of mini calendar tracking stop by ifers_inklings via Instagram. You can plan workouts for the entire month or list different variations and track progress. Most importantly, It’s really motivating to see those squares colored in!

You can use a simple calendar layout to track your water intake, workouts, calories, any habit. Simple tracking to meet your healthy goals!

If you prefer a done for you layout, this motivational fitness journal has two fitness bullet journals with tips, healthy habits, trackers, and more.

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Erin Condren Collage Journal

2. Food log

A food log can have space to not only track what you eat, but also what time you crave, and how it makes you feel.

Here is a great example from Tiny Ray of Sunshine  that illustrates how a simple food tracker can give you tons of insight.

I so love the idea of tracking food feels!

Actually seeing how the food you eats makes you feel is so motivating for me. Additionally, you can also use that info to help with meal planning!

3. Meal Planning

Speaking of meal planning, I really struggle with this one. Work, my blog, and home life can take over if I let it. But, meal planning is important to our entire household.


Meal planning helps save time and money!

For example, using a meal plan to make my grocery list for the week means I don’t overbuy on food….winning!

Alibidesignstudio‘s minimal printable meal planning spread is so cute and simple. Planning for each day of the week with space to make a grocery list and notes is all you really need.

Meal planning dashboard

Even more simple, a meal planning dashboard that snaps right in your planner.  You can snap it in your bullet journal from week to week and plan meals and a shopping list fast!

Fitness habit Trackers and logs

4. Meal Ideas Spread

Another meal planning idea to try is a Meal Ideas spread. This spread is especially helpful if you are starting a new diet, for instance, the popular Keto diet.

Think of meal ideas before you get hungry so you don’t sabotage your diet.  You can use a simple checklist dashboard for meal planning. This spread can be as easy as using a list format for each meal idea.

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5. Water Intake Log

Water intake is one of the habits I now consistently track so I’m always on the lookout for bullet journal trackers to change things up a bit.

If you are looking for a fun and functional  water tracker head to A FREE printable water tracker  with 4 styles to choose from!

fitness tracker
The Petite Planner

6. Weight Loss Tracker

Weight loss goals? How about considering adding a weight loss tracker to your bullet journal collection. I love that this layout includes space to track your goal weight progress and a weight log!

These Women Won Serious Money For Losing Weight!

Even if you miss weighing yourself a few days, you can still gauge how you’re doing. The Petite Planner also added the lady illustration to track inches. Honestly, that is something I would never keep up with, but I still would add the drawing just because it’s pretty 🙂

7. Self Care Tracker

This is a great example of a tracker that is simple but very effective. You can taylor this tracker for any of your habits. Then, track them with a few pen  strokes.

Spa & Pamper Gift Baskets

Simple habit tracker idea

Via Calmandbujo

8. Free fitness progress tracker printables

Free fitness tracker planner bundle

Don’t have time to draw your own spreads?  Track and slay your goals with a done for you spread. You can download this free 7 page fitness progress tracker over at cassiescroggins. Track progress on your weight, measurements, and diet with one download!

9. Steps Tracker

Free printable steps tracker

Pick up this free steps tracker from thepetiteplanner complete with a color key! You can step up a target goal and check your progress easily!

I hope you found some bullet journal trackers to inspiration to reach your health and fitness goals this year! I would love to know, what habits do you plan to track in the new year?

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