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Hi, I’m Felecia. I’m the human behind!

Thanks for stopping by!

About Me

I’m a true Southern lady, born and raised in South Carolina.  I still live in South Carolina, although a different city, with my  amazing husband and step son. We just got married in August of 2018 and I am loving our life! I would say that I’m creative, but my artistic talents could use some serious help,  I make a mean stick man though!

About The Blog

Artsyinspired was born out of my interest in writing, crafting, researching, and inspiring others. I actually started this journey about two years ago making money doing affiliate marketing with no blog. This experience made me want to start a website of my own.

The idea of inspiring others and doing more of what love is so motivating for me! I finally settled in To make in happen November 2018 and Artsyinspired was born! 

To be completely honest, I’m not sure where ArtsyInspired will go, but I’m excited about the journey!

I’m starting with a few of my favorite topics: journaling, graphics, holiday and gift ideas, and the blogging skills I learn along the way. 

I love my bullet journal, and I am always researching for new ideas that I will be sharing. 

I have also been leveling up my graphic design skills for marketing and sometimes just for fun.

I recently started doing papercrafts and stationery like card embossing. I absolutely love stationery and starting to make my own has been really fun.

Whatever I choose to write about, I hope I can inspire your creative side!


In the Mean Time, Get Started with My Recent Posts!


About Me

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