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Download Free Printable Happy Easter Cards

Download Free Printable Happy Easter Cards

Hi Friends,

The year is going by so fast! Soon it will be time to get the best Egg stuffers, hide the eggs, and celebrate Easter! I have been learning so much since starting my website! One of my goals is to use graphics and other resources to make printables for you! So here is me putting those skills to use with these Free printable Happy Easter Cards!

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free printable Happy Easter Cards

I used a 7 inch by 5 inch Canva template to create this Easter Card. Now, this is a template for a half page card with no backing, but I will show you a trick to turn it into a folded card a little later in the post. By the way, Canva is a FREE graphics app that is awesome, I highly recommend!

The images are from designs I purchased during one of the many $1 Deal Sales @Design I strongly recommend you Sign up for their Email newsletter for FREE GRAPHICS and sales right in your inbox!

All of the images were individual files with a transparent background which made using them easy. I simply downloaded and unzipped the file. Then uploaded the images I wanted to use in my design to Canva! Finally, I placed each individual element. Free canva allows you to resize, make transparent,  copy, etc as needed.

Below are some of the images and bundles used to create the Easter cards!


Wayercolor bunny graphics


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2. Iris Flowers Floral Bundle ClipArt:

Iris spring watercolor flowers

  • Commercial Use Allowed 


3.  43 Piece Flower Bundle

43 piece flower elements bundle

Once I created my card I saved and downloaded it. Then I used an 8.5  by 11-inch template with two equal sections and dropped the card I created into the bottom pane. Now, Instead of a half page card, you have a folded card… EASY!

In fact, I was able to complete the design portion of this project in about an hour!

The green card is a half page card while the design with the white background can be printed as a folded and half page card.

Depending on your printer settings you may need to scale the cards to print as a full page.

I really hope you find these printables useful as quick and easy Happy Easter Cards! If you have any suggestions for future printables, lets hear them in the comments!


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