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Free Mother’s Day Card To Print + Extras

Free Mother’s Day Card to Print + Extras

Is it just me or is the first part of this year going by really fast? It seems like we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, Easter is on its way and Mother’s Day isn’t far behind. If you blinked, its Mother’s Day and you haven’t picked up your card I have a day saving Freebie for you! A beautiful floral FREE Mother’s Day card to print with matching extras for your amazing mom!

I love to laugh and normally would try to find funny greeting cards for family and friends. But Mother’s Day is special!

When I search for Mother’s Day cards, I always look for one with a relatable quote. One that comes somewhat close to expressing my love mommy.

My mother saves her cards as keepsakes. Every once and a while she will pull them out and have a stroll down memory lane. This is my extra encouragement to make sure she smiles every time she reads my cards.

I love to write quotes or little notes in her cards for a more personal touch. If you are looking for a little quote inspiration, read my 45+ Sweet Mom Quotes!

Inspirational mom quotes remind moms how difficult and rewarding being a mom is. For this reason, I included mom quotes in the freebies along with a few ideas on how to use them to honor the women in your life beyond mother’s day!


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Mother's Day card with heart shape filled with blue flowers

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The Freebies

This group of freebies has matching watercolor floral graphics. Here’s what I created for you:

  • A 5×7 Happy Mothers day folded card
  • An 8×10 matching wall art printable
  • 4 matching 8.5cm×8cm quote gift tags
  • 4 matching 8 5cm×8cm gift tag templates

Mothers Day 2018

Making of the Freebies

The art on the free printables are beautiful watercolor elements. The blue flowers are hand drawn watercolor floral elements from the Floral WaterColor Bundle. I was able to snag this bundle for more than 80% off during the last holiday sale!

Five watercolor bundles are included with well over 300 elements including flowers, wreaths, pre-made invitations, wall printables, and many other elements that speed up my design process!

You can register here for free graphics to your inbox every week!

They also have dollar sales and daily deals/freebies you can access after registration.

Happy Mother’s Day Card

I used the same graphic art for both the Mother’s Day card and wall art printable. I’m really proud of my work. I am not a professional graphic designer, but I do enjoy making creative printables for you guys!

I wanted to give a little background of the making of these printables, in case your interested in crafting your own!

All of these designs were created using Canva for Free. I found a neat little trick to make the heart while playing around in Canva.

First,  choose the shape for an outline. Since this is a Mother’s Day themed freebie I selected a heart to outline my graphic.

Next, enlarge and position the shape where you want it. This took a few tries. I didn’t want the graphic to overwhelm the text on the printable card.

Also,  Make sure the shape is a color you can distinguish from your graphics. I used red so I could make sure I was getting the heart outline right.

After the shape is placed use it as a guide position the watercolor flower elements. The edges should be done first to outline the shape. Afterward, copy and position each element until the shape is filled in completely.

Once you fill in with your graphics you need to edit the shape to make it disappear. I just moved one of the flowers from the middle of my heart and placed it to the side so I could select my original shape. Then I changed the color of my shape to match the background, white in this case and made the shape fully transparent!

BOOM, a perfect artistic heart! I am so sure I will be using this trick again in future projects. If this seems like a very basic tip, It probably is, but I’m learning every day!

Mixbook’s Mother’s Day photo books

Creative tip: Make sure your shape is positioned behind your graphics before you wrap up your project.

Mock up of mothers day card and gift tags

The Gift Tags

The gift tags were a lot simpler to create. I made matching tags for the wall art printable and Mother’s Day card. I started with a blank label template in Canva. Then, I chose a few of the flower variations and positioned them on my template.

After the design elements are in place, play around with the transparency of the flowers. This is especially important if your flower art overlaps your text.

I chose four of my favorite quotes for moms for gift tags. They are all ready for mom, just add your love! I also included 4 matching gift tags with no text for you to add your own special message!

Shop Mother's Day Gifts on Zazzle

What To Do With Your Freebies

Well, of course, these are perfect gift accessories for your mom! You can also use these freebies for your work mom, church mom, and all the wonderful women in your life.

If you are having a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner, consider using the printable wall art for decorating!

You can punch a hole in your gift tags, add string or ribbon, and add a sweet mom quote to your gift.

Even better, place your quote tag inside your gift box as a keepsake!

With the four matching gift card templates, you can use these tags to add special handwritten notes for your gifts throughout the year!

Mother's Day Gifts

Printing Tips

The beauty of printables is how easy they are to use. I print my cards on a Brother printer in my home office with great quality.

I would suggest purchasing a pack of high-quality cardstock to add elegance to your card. The cardstock will also provide a longer lasting keepsake. For greeting cards, I recommend a cardstock weighed between 200-280 gsm or greater.

If you prefer to leave the printing to professionals, try an on-demand print shop. Google on-demand printing by zip code for options in your area. Be sure to verify turn around time and your preferred cardstock!


Feel free to use these free printables as much as you would like for personal use. Commercial use is not allowed. Please do not distribute or share these freebies for commercial purposes. If you are interested in a commercial license please contact me:


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