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Best Sticky Stationery Supplies To Welcome Spring

Best Sticky Stationery Supplies To Welcome Spring

Spring is on its way! That means its time to welcome Spring in bullet journals, planners, and scrapbooks!

 I love shopping for new stationery supplies!  There’s always something new to beautify pages! And Spring is the perfect season for themed stationery.

Spring always brings happiness to my journals and planners! I love the bright colors and cheerful themes. I use my journals to self-reflect and happy vibe really helps my mood. I wanted to share some of the awesome Spring stationary I found!

For this post, I focused on sticky stationery.

Namely sticky pads, stickers, and washi tape!

Sticky stationery is some of the most affordable and functional supplies for bullet journal planners. Of course, you can decorate your pages! Besides that, you can cover up mistakes, use with your trackers, create spreads, and dress up DIY bujo projects.

For more ways to use Washi Tape READ THIS POST!

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Planner lovers know it’s easy to overspend on all the pretty accessories. Especially if you use supplies in your planners and journals. Needless to say, Finding affordable quality is a necessity.

A few of my favorite stores for quality budget friendly supplies are:

  • Blitsy for Happy Planners, stamps, stencils and washi tape
  • Ebay for bullet journals, stickers, and printables 
  • Erin Condren for custom journals, sticker sheets, and Happy Planner accessories 
  • Target for Stickers, planners, stamps, bullet journals, and washi tape 
  • Design Bundles for Printable Journal Spreads

With affordability in mind, I included free sticky stationery supplies to welcome Spring!

Washi Tape 

Nothing says Spring like floral patterns. I usually prefer more of a modern floral pattern, but I also found vintage floral washi tape that I could for sure rock in my journals! One of my fav ways to use washi tape outside of my journals is in place of regular scotch tape for gift wrapping. These floral washi tapes would be too cute with solid color wrapping paper.

floral washi tape


Floral Washi Tape Via Ebay

Floral Festive Paper Tape via Erin Condren

Eucalyptus Paper Tape Via Erin Condren 

Vintage Floral Washi Tape Via Ebay


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Stickers & Sticky Pads

Free Printable Tropical Stickers

Free Tropical Planning Stickers Via Design Lovely Studio

Spring gratitude stickers

Spring Inspired Gratitude Stickers Via Blitsy 


Spring florals tiny stick pads

Fun Florals Tiny Sticky Pad Via Blitsy  


Art Journaling Classes with Mou Saha

spring sticky note pad

Spring Sticker Pad Via Erin Condren


cherry blossoms high gloss sticker sheet

Cherry Blossoms High Gloss Sticker Sheet Via Erin Condren 


FREE Hello Spring Stickers Via PlannerOneLove


spring floating floral stickers. raised floral stickers

Floating Florals Stickers with Foil Accents Via  Erin  Condren 


FREE Spring Planner Mini Stickers Via Homesweetlemons


vintage floral stickers


Vintage Floral 88 Stickers Via Erin Condren 


spring Sticker kit

Free JoyFul Spring Weekly Planner Stickers Via PlannerSquad


Spring sticker sheets. Bees, ladybugs, hearts, flowers


Spring Flowers, Bees, Ladybugs Sunflower Stickers Via Ebay

spring stationery

Above all, find supplies to welcome Spring that you love and make you want to use your journals and planners. I would love to know your favorite kind of sticky stationery!


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